11-17 August, 2015

12th International Geography Olympiad 2015

iGeo Russia 2015

Arrival and departure

Arrival to Moscow airports (Sheremetievo / 3,5 hrs, Domodedovo / 4,5 hrs – transfer to Tver oblast by bus (no charge) 10/08 (evening) and 11/08 (morning); by bus from Moscow metro (subway) station “Vodniy Stadion”; by car.

Departure from Moscow (17/08 evening or later; transfer to the airport by fast train on your own); from Tver camp (post-iGEO tour at 08:00 18/08; bus transfer to Sheremetievo airport and/or metro station “Vodniy Stadion” departing 05:00 18/08)

Early arrival option to Tver oblast: afternoon 10/08, no charge

Late departure option from Tver oblast: morning 18/08, no charge

The International Geographical Union
The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Tver State University
Faculty of geography Lomonosov Moscow State University Russian Geographic Society

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